Articles on Software and Analytics by Todd Moses

The Startup Game

by Todd Moses

In 1999 I started at my first legitimate start-up as a Software Engineer. I say legitimate since it was the only one with outside funding and not bootstrapped. With $250,000 in funding and an old insurance agent’s office, the game began.


Agile Data Science

by Todd Moses

As a Software Engineer, I use a different lense than one who comes from a Statistics background. Coding software lends itself to finding shortcuts for the benefit of development time and execution speed. Whereas, many Data Scientist concentrate most o more...

Formula One Deployment

by Todd Moses

While Internet Companies shortened the release cycle, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers turned it into an art form. Thanks to agile development methodologies, it is now common to measure deployment cycles within weeks instead of months or years. more...

Containerization Pains

by Todd Moses

FedEx, the shipping conglomerate, started with several converted business jets. These small planes flew packages really fast to multiple destinations. However, as demand increased, the small aircraft proved to be uneconomical. That is at scale, it is more...

Coder or Engineer

by Todd Moses

Recently while interviewing a candidate, I posed the following question: “What are you most passionate about?” I was expecting the person to answer with some hard problem from the front-line of Software Engineering. However, they answered, “.. t more...

Code Doesn't Matter

by Todd Moses

Most startups use the software stack that the Technology Co-Founder is most comfortable with. This is due to the simple fact that startups have to build a lot of software in a very short amount of time. Making the act of researching and learning new s more...

Beginners Guide to AI

by Todd Moses

Computers are very fast. Yet, not that smart. That is, each time a machine performs a task, it must be given instructions on how to accomplish the task. This is true regardless of how many times it has performed the same task in the past. Each repetit more...