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Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) are unsecured debt securities traded on an exchange like a stock. Similar to bonds, but do not pay interest payments. Also, they do not own the underlying asset.

For example, a Bitcoin ETN is a debt security that reflects the price of Bitcoin. Investors can trade the ETN, making money from gains or losses in the market. Otherwise, they can hold until maturity to get a return equal to the performance of the underlying asset minus fees.

As a hedge, an ETN gives investors the ability to buy a cryptocurrency position for far less than making the actual trade. Meaning you can protect current holdings by using the opposite direction ETN.


most investors

Most Investors

Since exchange traded like a stock, ETNs are suitable for most investors.




The protection of a single ETN is unidirectional. If the market shifts, so does the coverage.




Costs of ETNs are low when compared to making actual crypto purchases.


An investor has a few Bitcoins (BTC) worth $30,000. Concerned with market fluctuation, they want to protect their position but do not want to sell. Instead of shorting BTC, they decide to short Crypto ETNs.

At $45 per security, the cost is far less than a BTC trade. However, there are a few issues. The price is based upon the average USD exchange rate of bitcoin from the exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and GDAX. Then it is converted into SEK. Therefore, it might not match precisely with the asset you want to protect.

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