risk reversal

Risk Reversal Hedge

for commodities

Risk Reversal, also known as a Protective Collar, is a hedging strategy to protect either a long or short position by using put and call options. It protects against unfavorable price movements at the expense of potential profit.

If an investor is short an underlying asset, the investor hedges the position with a long risk reversal by purchasing a call option and writing a put option. Likewise, if an investor is long, they short a risk reversal to hedge the position by writing a call and purchasing a put option on the underlying asset.


savvy to pro investors

Savvy Investors

This hedge requires a combination of option calls and puts and therefore is only suitable for savvy investors.




The risks for this strategy are low based on the put and call positions obtained.


low to moderate

Low to Moderate

Based on the execution of two options, the premiums help offset the costs.


You are long in soybeans at $900 and want to protect the position by constructing a short risk reversal. To accomplish this, you need to do the following:

  1. Buy a Put Option
  2. Sell (write) a Call Option

Consider that you can buy a put option for $890 and sell a $910 call option. Since the call option is out-of-the-money (delta lower than 50), the premium received will be less than what you pay—causing the trade to result in a debit.

In this scenario, you have protection against price moves below $890. However, your profit is limited to $910 since the written call will offset additional gains.


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