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Join me as I traverse the steep path of applying Artificial Intelligence to Finance. This is a collection of ideas, articles, and thoughts on financial technology. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always entertaining. If nothing else, you can tell me where I am wrong.

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A collection of my latest ramblings.

The Sound of Markets

Ding, ding, ding is the sound most closely associated with the New York Stock Exchange. Every weekday morning that bell tone signifies the start of trading and at 4:00pm the same bell closes the exchange. Read More

AlphaGo for Securities Trading

AlphaGo is Google’s Deep Learning system that was awarded professional 9-dan (the highest possible Go ranking) by the Chinese Weiqi Association. It began learning how to play the game of Go through interaction with human players. Read More

The Blockchain and Fur Trade

During the 18th and 19th century, beaver pelts were a form of money within North America — being used to directly purchase manufactured goods. The men involved with the fir trade enjoyed high social standing due to their alliances between cultures and new found wealth. Read More

Ant Behavior and Trend Following

Watching ants go about their work is really fascinating. There usually is a line of workers going toward some food source and a separate line returning to the colony. However, the most fascinating aspect is how workers discover and communicate their discovery. Read More

Building a Decentralized Exchange

Bitcoin revolutionized how we think about money. Ethereum took it a step further by allowing money and code to co-exist on the same network. The next logical step is to ensure people can exchange cryptocurrencies and trade digital assets without third-party intervention. Read More

Re-Thinking The Exchange Model

The blockchain and related cryptocurrencies are poised to be the ultimate financial disruptors. However, many fail to see cryptocurrencies real advantage when it comes to investment vehicles and financial technology. Read More

Games Machines Play

In professional education there is a move toward learning games. These are board games designed to teach or enforce a specific skill. The reason for the resurgence of learning by play is that it works. Read More

Breaking Average

As a child I spent allot of time in front of my cherished Apple II. Writing programs, playing games, and wishing for that coveted second disk drive. During my late teens, I upgraded to an Intel 386 DOS based computer. Read More

Hedging with Machine Learning

There are many ways to reduce trading risk through hedging. Funds typically use futures and options to hedge each trade. Similar to insurance, this safety net comes at a price. Perhaps using an AI based strategy, there is a way to protect a position at a much lower cost. Read More

Money, Energy, and Crypto

Economist define money as having three qualities. It is a medium of exchange, a unit of accounting, and a store of value. That is all true. However, one of the most fascinating aspects of money is as a store of energy. Read More

TensorFlow and Fractal Patterns

It was finding patterns in volatility that gave me second place in a trading competition. Not a competition with amateurs but against a hedge fund manager, quants, and professional traders. The only reason it was not a first place finish was one mistake I made on the last day. Read More

Fractals in AI Based Trading

The most exciting use of AI in trading right now is discovering fractal type patterns in the prices of exchange traded assets. These may be as distinct as fingerprints. Read More

Deep Learning in Finance

Siri is the voice controlled AI behind most Apple products. It can recognize your speech, analyze your sentiment, and answer questions. The man who was key to its development, Babak Hodjat, is now Chief Science Officer for a new fund called Sentiment... Read More

AI and Arbitrage

As an architect of financial software, I am always interested in arbitrage opportunities. Arbitrage opportunities are a way to profit nearly risk free through market inefficiencies across assets or across exchanges... Read More

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