Todd Moses

The Process Architect

Tailored processes for rapid delivery of defect free code.

Defect Free Development

Learn how to build processes for rapid delivery of defect free code.

Before Todd Moses became The Process Architect, he worked for over 22 years on more than 100 software projects. During this time, Todd discovered that while most software is delivered broken, it does not have to be. As Lead Engineer for a Hedge Fund, where millions could be lost on a single defect, Todd developed a system that eliminates 50-90% of these problems during development.

By breaking down projects into simple steps achievable by the given team then creating Formal Proofs for each step in the planning stage, a 30-60% reduction of potential defects occurred. When expanding the system to include processes specific to the Architecture, another 20-30% of problems disappeared.

Today, the system has been proven on Options Trading Platforms, Arbitrage Systems, Blockchain Payment Software, Automated Trading Strategies, and Fund Management Applications.

Todd stares into the abyss of engineering uncertainty and laughs in its face. Matthew Davis (CMO - Reveal Mobile)