Meet Todd Moses

I provide financial organizations a tailored process to build trouble free software fast. A system developed in the trenches of coding automated trading strategies. Where a single defect can cost millions and an extra week of development time closes the window of opportunity.

As Lead Engineer for a Hedge Fund and later Manager for automated strategy projects, I had to create a rapid development environment with near zero defects. Unlike product based software, most of the knowledge for financial development practices is proprietary. Forcing me to experiment and improve over time.

After more than 100 projects, I have created a system that eliminates 50-90% of defects during development while shaving off 20 plus man hours of time. Allowing financial organizations to focus more effort on perfecting strategy instead of writing apology letters to clients and investors.

Defect Free Development

Learn how to build processes for rapid delivery of defect free code.

Who I Work With

While I have managed software projects across multiple industries, the system is designed to work best for FinTech companies. Those that must consistently deliver production ready code with near impossibly speed.

For example, I have helped software teams specializing in arbitrage, algorithmic trading, Options, FOREX, and Commercial Banking.

Too Many Long Days

Starting in 1996 as a professional developer, the long hours of coding were exciting. It did not become an issue until later in life when family needed me home. Thus, the choice was often career or family as my employers always demanded most of my time.

After missing my youngest son’s “Donuts with Dad”, I vowed never to let work interfere again. To prevent this from occurring, I set out to develop a system that allows a life outside of work. Today, I help software teams implement this system, enabling them to remove 50-90% of defects during development.

Todd is a rare combination of deep technical knowledge and excellent soft skills. Allen Elks (Lead Software Engineer - IVC, Inc.)