About Todd Moses

The Uncertainty Architect

Todd Moses is a Data-Driven Engineer focused on financial markets. He is the founder of Todd Insights, dedicated to helping investors profit from market uncertainty. Though he has worked with several traditional funds, his passion is assisting private investors obtain rapid growth with data-driven insights.

How It All Began

Todd was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. An Eagle Scout who married a girl from church. His father worked at the X10 National Laboratory, and his mother was a school teacher. As a child, Todd built computer programs and experimented with electronics. In late 2007, Todd and his wife Holly adopted their oldest son with another one to follow in 2009. Today, they live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Painful Lesson

After missing his son's "Doughnuts with Dad" day, it became clear that promotion means little when it requires hurting someone. A mistake that resulted in his core principle of "family first." A passion that fuels his work.

Moving Forward

During a crazy job move, a tax mistake resulted in an audit. In panic mode, Todd sold his house to pay the IRS and moved his family to a rental. Trying to free household stress, he founded a technology company. However, the demands of being CEO caused more issues. In despair, Todd realized that his experience in finance and years of Machine Learning development would help others profit.

Profit From Uncertainty

Todd has dealt with uncertainty his entire career. From launching a startup to building trading strategies, to leading software teams. Today, Todd empowers investors to manage volatility with Data-Driven Engineering. To learn more, Schedule a Call with Todd.

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