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103 Ways to Hedge Trading Risk

From stocks to commodities to Forex to Bitcoin, here are 103 ways to limit trading risks with practical hedging techniques. Including comments from real traders...

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Understanding Market Manipulation

A critic of cryptocurrency made the statement, “Why is Bitcoin so valuable when it is based on nothing.” My response, “What is the US Dollar based on?”...

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Forex via Hotel Reservation may be the New Amazon Arbitrage

Instead of losing out to a broker's bid-ask spread, there may be a growing number of people who trade forex by returning purchases...

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A Deep Dive Into Litecoin (LTC)

An indepth look into Litecoin as an investment: Called “digital silver” by GEMINI, Litecoin is the brainchild of MIT alumni Charlie Lee. Released in October 2011 as a Bitcoin fork...

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How Crypto Changed Investing

Mt. Gox started supporting Bitcoin transactions in 2010. From here, a new generation of traders and investments arrived. Instead of following the rules of the past, they created new ones...

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A Quantum View Of Markets

"In financial markets, God can appear, anyway, to play with the dice," explains Benoit Mandelbrot in his work applying Fractal Geometry to financial markets...

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How To Use Risk As Currency

Investing is the trading of risk. Money managers use this risk as a currency to buy profit. Their goal is to generate the highest returns per unit of uncertainty, creating a repeatable process for continued success...

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What Schrodinger's Cat Reveals About Risk

Like the cat in the physicist's box, exchange-traded assets exhibit properties of quantum superposition...

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How Financial Markets Work

Financial Markets, regardless of the asset, represent the buying and selling of risk. People sell when they believe the risk is too high. They buy when the risk seems low...

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