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Modeling Markets with Fractals

After testing established financial models, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot concludes, “Much of what passes for orthodoxy in economics and finance proves, on closer examination, to be shaky business...

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Quantum Computing is Flawed

IBM, Google, Microsoft, and others are making large bets on quantum computing. However, they are going about it all wrong. Using the mainframe construction model of the 1950s, they have hired research scientists to build costly monoliths. Instead, they need inventors...

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Fractals for Quantum Error Correction

Perhaps quantum computings biggest challenge is managing decoherence and electronic noise. Unlike classical computing that solve the problem with duplication, quantum systems cannot clone data. Therefore, a new method called Quantum Error Correction (QEC) was created...

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Mandelbrot Portfolio Theory

Modern portfolio theory is based upon diversification as a risk-mitigation strategy. It combines multiple assets based on different risk exposure. The problem with such a practice is that it may not reduce risk at all...

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Quantum Reality vs Hype

It is currently impossible to represent a single caffein molecule using a classical computer. This is because it takes 10 to the 48th of zeros and ones to represent it...

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Quantum Trading at Speed

Many automated trading strategies center around exposing market inefficiencies. Using high performance computers, firms fight to purchase the fastest routes to an exchange just to capitalize on split-second opportunities...

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Quantum Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo simulation is a popular method to analyze portfolio risk. Known as a stress test, this algorithm uses a large number of random variables to best guess a result after hours of computation...

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The Power of Random

Worker ants emerge from the colony to move about randomly in the search of food. Once the food is discovered they return to the colony leaving behind a chemical trail for others to follow...

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